Classroom Support

Chelsea McLear, Family and Community Outreach Coordinator
(812)435-8242 ext. 11402
[email protected]

Brian Gmutza, Counselor
(812)435-8242 ext. 18465
[email protected]

Tiffany Austin, Youth First Social Worker
(812)435-8242 ext. 11407
[email protected]

Melvin Hall, Social and Emotional Learning Coach
(812)435-8242 ext. 11308
melvin.hal[email protected]

Jane Scales, Registered Nurse
(812)435-8242 ext. 11404
[email protected]

AJ Carlisle, After School Programs Coordinator
(812)435-8242 ext. 41598
[email protected]

Brandie Jones, Cafeteria Manager
(812)435-8242 ext. 18610
[email protected]

Dyrena Darrett, REACH Academy
[email protected]